Friday, June 3, 2016

18 Jobs That Are Better Than Taking A Vacation18 Jobs That Are Better Than Taking A Vacation

Not only can you mix the two, you can also be paid a neat sum while you’re at it, the guys smart enough to chose the below mentioned professions said. Without further ado, here’s a look at eighteen jobs that beat taking a month-long vacation in Hawaii hands down:

Movie critic

Not only are they given special previews of all the latest blockbusters, their bragging rights also include having all the A-list producers and celebs on their speed dial. Color us jealous.
Anupama Chopra

Tour guide

Not only does your job involve flitting from one scenic locale to the other, you actually get paid to flit from one scenic locale to the other. This is, indeed, the life.

Video game developer

While most of us mere mortals simply satisfy ourselves with playing video games from the comfort of our couch, there exist those noble souls who are actually making a difference to the world by channeling their imagination into creating these crazily addictive things! Woot. 

Events & festival co-coordinator

Because fighting at the gate for tickets is too mainstream; these guys merely roll in like a boss. The job of a festival coordinator involves many perks, the main one being that they are doing their bit towards society by helping awesome fests like the Ziro Festival and Ribbit happen.

Wedding photographer

While we won’t argue with the bliss of watching two souls unite in holy matrimony, the free gourmet food that’s on offer on a daily basis is nothing to scoff at either. Bonus points if you manage to land a destination wedding!

Airline pilot

Because if you didn’t look up at the skies as a kid and vow to become a coolass airline pilot after growing up, (Regardless of whether it actually worked out that way or not) you obviously did childhood all wrong.

Travel blogger

Not only does your ‘work’ necessitate you to do something as non-workish as taking in the sights of the world, you also have the added joy of taking millions of virtual users with you on the journey. That’s self-actualization, right there!

Cruise line concierge

Or any part of a professional yacht crew, be it as the bartender or the chef. Sailing the deep blue waters by day and waxing lyrical about all the sights you’ve seen by night, not to mention having regular Titanic moments of your own – These guys have it all, don’t they?


If the adrenalin overdrive that accompanies performing to a crowd thousands wasn’t enough, they regularly hit the road for elaborate cross-country tours, where they’re welcomed eagerly by masses of fans. Respect.
Rock On

Video Jockey

The crème de la crème of the cool crowd, being a VJ is about as cool as cool gets

Tech Reviewer

Having the biggest players on the tech scene queuing up outside your door in a bid to shower you with their latest gizmos – Forgive us for stating the obvious, but where exactly does the ‘work’ part come in?

Automobile Journalist

Zooming around the town in the latest Ferrari, (Preferably, with the top down) that has yet to be released in the markets – Let’s face it; when it comes to mouth-wateringly cool jobs, car reviewers have got us all beat fair and square. 

Racing Driver

Feeding on a diet of thrills and high speed chases; the life of a competitive racing driver is just like that of those epic characters in video games - Just better.

Skydiving trainer

Who needs a vacation in the Bahamas when you can just send your adrenalin into overdrive on a daily basis mixed with the added joy of being able to share the unique experience of plunging form an aircraft with others. 

Ice cream taster

Say aye if just reading the title sent your taste buds into overdrive. The job description of an ice cream taster is quite literally what dreams are made of.


The fact the guys cool enough to qualify as astronauts rarely ever have their feet on the ground is absolutely excusable seeing as a typical day at work for them involves orbiting around distant planets and celestial bodies.

Scuba Instructor

Think scuba instructor, think Katrina Kaif from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara, think unadulterated fun.

Pastry Artists

One look at the elaborate concoctions that pass off these days as cupcakes and you’ll know why they have people eating out of the palm of their hand, in every sense of the term.

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