Friday, June 3, 2016

Signs He Is Too Demanding

Some insecure men are too demanding. A relationship with them would soon make you run to the psychiatrist. But in the initial stages, you would feel that you're really lucky as you might think that you are being loved intensely.

Demanding relationships are draining. It isn't possible for anyone to give more than expected in a relationship. But some men do have unrealistic expectations. Generally, men who have shades of narcissistic delusions tend to have the feeling of ownership towards their partners. Such men believe that their partners are their property and they think that the sole objective of the partner must be to satisfy them and keep them happy all the time.

It is better to runaway from such a relationship because sooner or later it gets taxing emotionally and physically.


He wants you by his side all the time. In the beginning, you think that he is craving for your presence so much that he is not able to live without you even for a moment. But in fact, it is a disorder that he is suffering from.


He bombards you with his texts. To occupy your mind all the time, he keeps sending you romantic texts and this would make you fall in his trap.

Sign #3

He gets addicted to your presence. He finds it tough to allow you to go and do anything else.

Sign #4 

He shows too much of affection. He constantly kisses you, hugs you, holds your hands and cuddles up to show his affection. He irritates you with his so-called love. But after a few days, you will get bored of all his gestures of affection.

Sign #5 

He never allows you to go out with your friends. He restricts your movements and never allows you to go out alone. He feels attached. He never gives space. And he cries if you don't listen to him. That's his emotional blackmail.

Sign #6 

He suspects your relationship with your colleagues. He thinks that you are sleeping around with them.

Sign #7 

He demands your attention all the time and calls it love. If you don't give enough attention, he would keep eating your head saying that you aren't caring for him truly.

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