Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Ways to Spend the Monsoon in Mumbai

The rain Gods have finally bestowed Mumbai with their blessings, rescuing us from its rather long sweltering summer heat. Here’s a list of places to enjoy Mumbai monsoon to the fullest.

1. Take a stroll down Marine Drive

Dark clouds looming over, feisty waves splashing on the shore and cool sea breeze makes Marine Drive an experience that will make you jump with joy like a child. Take a leisurely walk along the promenade and sample street eats such as pani puri, bhel puri and sev puri.

2. Grab a cup of chai at Prithvi Theatre coffee shop

Prithvi theatre is one of the most popular hangout for theatre enthusiasts. Listen to the sound of raindrops pattering on the cafe’s roof or lose yourself in a bookwhile sipping on your coffee.

3. A ferry ride from Gateway of India

Imagine sailing through gusting winds and mild drizzle that transforms the whole atmosphere seem like the set of a Bollywood romantic movie. Hop to one of the ferries that take travellers round the harbour.

4. Drive down to Tiger hill in Lonavala

Take the Mumbai-Pune expressway and zoom to the tiger hill. The hill has become a cool place to hangout almost throughout the year. But the beauty of the place is magnified when the rain gods bestow their blessings.

5. Chill out on the ruins of the Fort near Bandra Bandstand

The whole ambience of the bandra bandstand changes after monsoon showers. The bandstand offers view of the vast expanse of the Arabian sea. You can relax on the ruins of the Bandra fort and get a fantastic view of the sea and the city.

Astro health predictions — July 3rd Week

Gemini and Virgo need to be careful about joint pain, while good health predicted for Libra.

On the health front, diabetics need to be very careful about what they eat. Food items or drinks with high sugar content are strictly prohibited. A periodical check-up is needed to effectively monitor the issue. Those of you who are middle-aged or over, need to be very careful not to exert too much while indulging in physical activities.
An acidic tendency in your digestive system is likely to bother you. Take due measures to keep your digestive system in order. Ganesha advises you to cut out the consumption of all junk food, and have a fiber-rich and nutritious diet. Maintain regular hours and streamline your lifestyle. No serious threat to your well being is foreseen for now.
Ones having pain in joints are to have a hard time bearing the pain. Besides external applications, eating calcium rich fruit and veggies is to have long term healing effect. Severe tooth ache may also bother you. Consult your dentist to fix the problem. Those who are middle-aged or over, need to be active by taking long walks in the morning or evening.
In regard to health, common cough and cold is to bother you. Take due precautionary measures to keep things under control. Disorder in digestive system may also keep you worried. Consult your physician for keeping digestive system in order. Digestive disorder can spoil your day. Take care your diet and avoid eating junk food.
Ones having old health issues are to come across the right kind of medicine to treat the same for curing permanently. Disorder in digestive system is to bother you frequently. Try alternative medicinefor curing this. Those who are getting on in years, need to be very careful while doing physical activities or you may get injured.
In regard to health, ones having pains in joints or other calcium deficient issue need to remain very much careful about treatment for the same. If you get into issues related to respiratory system, treat this effectively without delay. Ganesha advises you to take the practice of meditation and yoga to maintain fitness.
With regard to health, you are to enjoy good general health here. Minor issues like common cough and cold are to bother you. However, those of you who are suffering from an old and persistent ailment, need to be extra careful about not neglecting medications, or else the condition can get aggravated, and then it will become difficult to control.
Disorder in digestive system is to spoil your day here. Take due measures to keep your digestive system in order. Tooth ache is likely to bother you often. Ones having pain in joints are to have difficult time bearing with the pain. Ganesha advises you to seriously take upyoga and meditation to improve your general well-being.
With Venus now in a healthy position, no major health issue is to catch up with you. However, if having pain in joints, take effective external measures to keep the pain within bearable limits. Eating calcium rich fruits and vegetables is to have a long-term healing effect. Middle-aged ones would do well to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.
In regard to health, diabetics need to be now remaining much careful about their blood sugar level. Keep checking regularly to effectively monitor the same. If you get into problems related to respiratory system, treat the same promptly so that the problem is well under control. Remain much careful about health here.
In regard to health, diabetics can have a difficult time keeping the issue under control. Try some alternative medicine to control blood sugar level here. Problem related to respiratory system need to be attended promptly without lingering. Those of you who are getting on in years may face some pain in the joints, so take effective treatment without delaying.
In regard to health, diabetics are likely to be tempted to enjoy eating sweets. Food items having rich sugar content can lend you in trouble. Diabetics need to strictly stick to diet prescribed by their physician to enjoy worry free life. Problem related to respiratory system, if it catches up with you, treat the same promptly without lingering.

10 Salman Khan expressions that can easily replace the Emojis

Call him Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Sultan, these expressions of Salman Khan are bound to make you fall in love with him all over again...

We’re sure you all must have come across people whose laughter is funnier than the joke. Salman Khan is one of them. Believe us, it’s difficult to stop your laughter while seeing him cackling. Salman and Anushka Sharma had come on The Kapil Sharma Show to promote Sultan . For once it wasn’t Kapil’s antics, but Salman’s expressions that made us ROFL. Salman seemed to be in the best of his moods as he danced and laughed throughout the show. He also did the famous Jag Ghoomeya’ dance step on the floor.
The carefree Salman is not of the types who would hold back his laughter. He laughs like no one’s looking which is why many people compare his laughter to that of babies. This was not the first time that Kapil made him go crazy laughing. During the promotions of Jai Ho too we had seen the superstar rolling on the floor holding his stomach. The funny moments created by Ali Asgar, Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda had left the superstar completely insane.
With his expressive face, we think Salman can give emoticons a tough competition. We are sure this post will make many fans use his pictures instead of the regular smileys. We think Whatsapp owners should definitely have a look at these.

Say cheeseeee!!! 

‘Are you serious’ wala face…

Hmm, kuch toh gadbad hai??

Itni Khushiiii!!!


Can’t handle so much cuteness!!!

Bass kar pagle, rulayega kya???

440 volt wala smile

Why so serious?


Thursday, July 14, 2016

6 Signs that your lungs are in trouble

Chest pain, prolonged breathlessness and chronic cough are some of the common symptoms of lung damage.

But how can you know that your lungs are in danger?
While we consciously take care of most of the organs, we seldom do anything to care for our lungs. Isn’t it wrong to take for granted the organ that is responsible for supplying oxygen to the blood cells? Any infection or injury to the lungs not only affects our breathing but can also increase the risk of various respiratory tract diseases like asthma and tuberculosis. Dr Gyanendra Agrawal, Consultant, Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, Jaypee Hospital, Noida, shares a few key signs that indicate your lungs are in danger and that you need to consult a respiratory specialist.
1. Prolonged breathlessness: Whether climbing stairs or performing day-to-day chores, if you feel breathless after physical exertion, it could be a cause of concern. Also, if you find it difficult to run or suffer from breathlessness most of the time, even when lying on a bed, then it is a sign of lung problem. Prolonged breathlessness can be a sign of many respiratory ailments, it can be due to bronchitis, asthma, COPD or cardiac ailments (in severe cases).
2. Excessive mucus production: We usually ignore a productive cough or a cough with sputum. However, if you suffer from productive cough for more than three months, then consult your doctor as it could be a sign of chronic bronchitis. If this is coupled with wheezing or shortness of breath, then it could be a sign of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Hence, if you have been coughing for long, consult your doctor immediately.
3. Blood in the sputum: Another key symptom that indicates lung disease is the presence of blood in the sputum. While changes in the colour of the sputum or mucus can reveal a lot about the health, right from bacterial infection to pneumonia, presence of blood can be a sign of tuberculosis. If you suffer from prolonged cough, low-grade fever and have found streaks of blood in the sputum, get tested for tuberculosis.
4. Chest pain: You are wrong if you thought that chest pain always signifies heart attack as there’s more to chest pain than a heart attack. If you experience a sharp shooting pain in the chest when you breathe, cough or sneeze, it can be due to a lung infection caused by bacteria or virus. In rare cases, it can signify a blood clot in the arteries of the lungs, blocking blood flow to the lungs, knows as pulmonary embolism. Find out the causes of chest pain and deal with it accordingly.
5. Wheezing: A whistling or rattling sound in the lungs or wheezing is undoubtedly a symptom of decreased lung function. It indicates that the lungs are finding it difficult to breathe due to narrowing of the airways or arterial block due to foreign particles. In most cases, wheezing is associated with inflammation due to asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergic reaction or physical obstruction caused due to a tumour or a foreign particle.
6. Chronic cough: Last but the most important sign that the lungs are in danger is a chronic cough. While a cough is a common occurrence due to a viral infection or common cold, it should start to improve after two –three weeks. However, if it fails to do so and lasts for more than eight weeks, then it is a sign of concern. This is the time you should go to a respiratory specialist and get tested to diagnose the underlying cause of the condition. Some of the common causes of a chronic cough include bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Effective ways to maximize Happiness

Everyone wants happy and tension free life, as happiness is one of the most important things in life. But the sad truth is that we are getting increasingly depressed and dispirited as we struggle to cope up with our fast changing world.

Here are ways to help you feel happier and more satisfied in life:-

1. Gratefulness: 

Showing appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life will not only help improve the quality of your life, but also the lives of others. According to research, grateful people are typically happier. 

2. Optimism: 

Positive emotions make you healthy and happy. So, try to develop a positive attitude even when things go wrong.

3. Friendships: 

Studies have shown that people who have one or more close friendships appear to be happier, try to be socially connected. 

4. Exercise: 

For the healthy lifestyle, exercise is essential as it improves your mental health and mood and maximise happiness. 

5. Healthy diet: 

Research suggests that consuming fruits and vegetables apparently boosts our happiness far more quickly than it improves human health.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

You aren't pretty if you don't have the ab crack, according to Instagram

Instagram will have you believe that you ain't pretty if there's no cavity running down your middle.

The internet keeps introducing us to a new body fad every other day. And by chance, if there's a day that sees you wake up full of love for your body, then wait till the time the internet introduces you to a new way of turning that warm fuzzy feeling into hatred.

Have a hard time figuring out whether you are beautiful or not? Why not give any of the body beauty trends a go?
From the thigh gap to the collarbone challenge--the more number of pennies you can place in your collarbone, the prettier you are--body beauty trends change our relationships with our bodies.
And, the newest to play with our minds is the ab crack. The ab crack is a defined line running down the centre of your body that can only be achieved by extreme fitness and according to an article in Elle, "While Ab Cracks vary in depth and definition, all Ab Cracks show us you've been in the gym (sic)."

Yes, they probably show that, but ab cracks only add to the list of unrealistic standards by which people especially a woman's body is judged.
Seriously girls, whichever way your body looks--with or without those fat rolls--when you look in the mirror, this is all you should see!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Selena Gomez steals a smooch from female friend

Selena Gomez had an Independence Day party to remember after sharing a smooch with singer Ruby Carr during a party on Monday night (04Jul16).

The pop star was on the road for the American holiday and spent the night partying with her friends, including Ruby who is the vocalist and keyboard player for Bahari, the opening act for Selena's Revival tour.

Ruby took to Snapchat to document the bash, and it was one video featuring Selena that sent gossips and fans wild.

In the short clip, Ruby, who is dancing next to the singer, turns to give Selena a kiss on the lips, to which she happily obliges before wrapping her arms around Ruby's neck.

After the clip went public, Selena's fans stormed Twitter in the hope they could to steal a smooch from their idol as well, with one user writing, "@selenagomez can i kiss u on the lips too?", as another tweeted, "excuse me I want a kiss too @selenagomez."

Since Selena was scheduled to perform in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday (05Jul16), she was unable to attend her best friend Taylor Swift's annual Independence Day party on the other side of the country in Rhode Island.

Although Selena wasn't present, the Shake It Off singer still had a memorable weekend with members of her 'girl squad', and her new beau, actor Tom Hiddleston.

Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds were also part of the patriotic fun, as was Brit Ed Sheeran and his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, who were celebrating their first anniversary as a couple at the bash. And reports suggest singer Kesha was also part of a karaoke singing contest at Taylor's Rhode Island retreat.