Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do you want to know the calorie counts of your drinks, before you go partying?

Going for a party, worried about what to wear? Nah! I guess more people are now a days worried about how much calories they would be taking along with their drinks. Always worried how your strict diet plans are going to go in vain because of this one hell of a party. Well lets see how much calories do your favourite drinks carry. From a range of alcoholic drinks, cocktails and mocktails at your service, choose wisely and at your own rick.
As rightly said, in wine there is wisdom and in beer there is freedom. Wine is a favourite among the older crowd with a glass of red packing the most calories, followed by white wine whereas, a shot of whiskey has only 97 calories. Beer is highly popular among the younger generation as it is less alcoholic and also light on one’s pocket. A light beer is more helpful while watching your calories as a can of it only packs around 102.7 calories whereas, a regular beer has 153.1 calories.
Check them out:

Whiskey (1 jigger/shot/44 ml approx)97 cal
Beer – Regular (1 can)153.1 cal
Beer – Light (1 can)102.7 cal
Rum (1 jigger/shot/44 ml approx)97 cal
Tequila (1 peg)69 cal
Bacardi Rum (1 shot)65 cal
Red Wine (1 serving, 147 ml)125 cal
White Wine (1 serving, 147 ml)120.5 cal
Whiskey Sour Mix – Bottled (1 ml)0.9 cal
Brandy  (1 peg)65 cal
Bacardi Breezer, Orange (100 ml)55 cal
Bacardi Breezer, Lemon (100 ml)58 cal
Bacardi Breezer, Watermelon (100 ml)36 cal
Bacardi Breezer, Pineapple (100 ml)36 cal
Bacardi Breezer, Mango (100 ml)36 cal
Take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime and a shot of Tequila, which has 69 calories. No wonder, it is called a polite drink as it tells you when you can’t have more. Another favourite is the breezer, variety of flavours, light on alcohol and great in taste and an average of 44 calories.
These blends of different alcohols are a hit at any New Year party. Blended with some liqueur and sugar syrup, poured over some crushed ice, a glass of Margarita has a whopping  562.3 calories. Followed by a crowd favourite, the Pina Colada, made with pineapple juice and coconut milk, all contributing to its calorie content of 526.1 calories. A Martini or the humble Bloody Mary made from tomato juice are the best options with only 62.4 and 23.2 calories, respectively. Choose these drinks wisely and limit their consumption because they might give you a bad hangover. If you don’t want to wake up with the worst hangover the next day, avoid these  alcohols, whiskey, wine, rum, etc.

Long Island Iced Tea (1 glass)226.1 cal
Bloody Mary (1 peg)23.2 cal
Pina Colada (1 can, 200 ml)526.1 cal
Mojito (1  glass)102.8 cal
Martini  (1 peg)62.4 cal
Margarita (1 glass)562.3 cal
Sangria (1 glass)288.1 cal
Shirley Temple (1 glass)58.9 cal
Daiquiri (1 can, 200 ml)258.8 cal
Tequila Sunrise (1 can,  200 ml)232.1 cal
For all those teetotallers or those who don’t want to get drunk but still want have fun on New Year’s eve, there are a variety of not-so-high-on-calories drinks. Giving your taste buds a surprise is the ginger fizz, which only adds 40.7 calories to your waistline. Another drink, favourite among the crowd, is fruit beer. It not only gives you that fizzy, beer-y taste but also adds 130 calories to your calorie intake. If you are planning a house party, here are some easy mocktail recipes that will surely make your party a hit.

Ginger Fizz (1 glass)40.7 cal
Lemonade (1 glass)106.5 cal
Peach Satin (1 glass)113.2 cal
Bael Fruit Punch (1 glass)97.7 cal
Fruit Beer (1 bottle )130 cal
Virgin Mary (1 glass)51.7 cal
Virgin Mojito (1 glass)120 cal
Now you can party hard without being doubtful about the calories in your spirits. Choose wisely so you don’t end up with a with a hangover or a lot more calories in your kitty.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why is alcohol bad for you?

I always wonder how much I am harming my body, with every sip I take. There are certain studies that say moderate alcohol drinking is good for health. But what are the negative effects of drinking alcohol? Does it cause long-term diseases or problems in sexual life? Lets have a look.
Time and again, there have been numerous studies stating the ill-effects of alcohol on health, but people still tend to consume it. Apart from this, drinking alcohol also affects your social life and behaviour. A glass of alcohol causes significant changes in the body, which most of us are unaware of. Here are some clinical and social complications due to alcohol consumption.
Health risks due to alcohol consumption
There is no doubt that drinking alcohol causes major health problems and increases the risk of various diseases.
Problems with liver: When you drink alcohol, the liver gets diverted from its other functions and focuses mainly on converting alcohol to a less toxic form. Absorption of alcohol by the liver causes fatty liver disease, inflammation of the liver and cirrhosis.
Disturbance in sleep pattern: Most people drink alcohol to fall asleep. However, research studies suggest that drinking before sleep interferes with the body’s ability to regulate sleep naturally (sleep homeostasis). If you continue doing so, over time the quality of sleep is diminished and it might lead to insomnia.
Affects sexual life: Long-term consumption of alcohol might affect your sexual health. Alcohol not only inhibits parts of the nervous system that play a key role in sexual arousal but also inhibits the flow of blood to the genitals. 
Interference with calcium absorption: As liver function is impaired inalcoholics, the synthesis of vitamin D in the body is also affected. Apart from this, the absorption of calcium by the body is affected. In the long run, this might result in osteoporosis as oestrogen and testosterone levels also affected due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Increased risk of lung ailments: Excess consumption of alcohol is known to cause Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening lung disease. It causes buildup of fluid inside the air sacs, thereby preventing oxygen from passing into the bloodstream. The condition worsens as you drink, which may lead to long-term lung complications.
Impaired kidney function: The electrolyte balance of the body and hormones that influence the kidney function are disturbed due to excess consumption of alcohol. The long term effects of alcohol on kidney include increased risk of suffering from kidney failure and kidney stones.
Increases risk of cancer: Excessive drinking of alcohol increases the risk of various types of cancers, mouth, liver, oesophagus and breast. This is because, the body converts alcohol into a potent carcinogen, acetaldehyde, thereby increasing the risk of cancer in alcoholics.
Causes mental health issues: It is a known fact that heavy drinking leads to various mental health issues such as depression and dementia. Excess consumption of alcohol speeds up the shrinkage of the brain (which usually occurs as you age) and interferes with your brain’s ability to distinguish between judgments, solve problems and plan things.
High risk of birth defects (in pregnant women): Pregnant women who do binge drinking face a risk of birth defects known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) that leads to growth retardation, head and face abnormalities and neurological problems Apart from this, alcohol consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage.
Makes you fat: Have you ever thought the booze might cause you to gain weight, along with interfering in your weight loss goals. Alcohol has more calories than you think, it stimulates your appetite, triggers greater craving for calorie-rich foods the next day and stops using carbohydrates as an energy source.
Social ill-effects of drinking alcohol
A glass or two of alcohol is a sign of celebration and common at social gatherings and parties. However, alcohol consumption is found to interfere with your social and personal lives. This includes affecting your mental health, increasing your risk of injuries and being sexually abused.
Causes drastic mood swings: We all know that excessive consumption of alcohol affects the brain and parts of the nervous system that control your behaviour. This causes erratic mood swings such as happiness, sadness or anger, which might lead to severe consequences, such as trashing someone, arguing with people (even if you are wrong) and many more problems in day-to-day life.
Associated with domestic violence: In India, cases of drunk people beating their partners and children, abusing parents and creating ruckus in the society is quite common. This is because, as you get drunk, the ability to distinguish between good and bad is lost, you get into a state of unconsciousness.
Might lead to accidents: Although, we might find placards of ‘don’t drink and drive’ or ‘drive safely’ on roads, there has been an increase in the number of road accidents caused due to alcohol drinking. You might escape with a small injury or live with a disability for the rest of your life; chances of sudden death are not bleak!

Ab crunches are NOT necessary for six-pack abs (they are dangerous for your back too!)

With everyone from Shah Rukh Khan to Karan Singh Grover sporting perfect six-pack abs these days, the rage amongst youngsters to get a ripped and flat stomach has never been bigger. One of the most commonly known exercises to work your abs is abdominal crunches and a lot of people do it to in order to get the abs they desire. However, they may not be as healthy as you think and could damage your back.
According to Flight Lieutenant Akshay Chopra, fitness consultant and coach, ‘Abdominal crunches may be an issue if you have a slipped disc problem. Otherwise also, they are a waste of time.’
Certainly, you wouldn’t want to have six pack abs with a bad back. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have a great set of abs either. When asked about whether doing abdominal crunches was necessary for a set of great abs, Chopra said, ‘Not at all, they are not even required to work your abs. In fact, I have a sharp set of six packs and obliques being a sportsman and I don’t do any exercise for the abs. A heavy intense leg workout will stimulate your abs like no other.’
The Plank – The perfect alternative to abdominal crunches
A healthier alternative to abdominal crunches, the plank could be just the right answer for a set of great looking abs. According to Chopra, ‘The plank is a safer and better alternative, as it works your lower back and shoulders too.’

How often should you workout your abs?
While working out your abs is important, a lot depends on your diet. So, rather than working out too much, make sure you eat more sensibly.
According to Chopra, ‘You can workout your abs daily or just once a week, it is your wish. But working them daily with multiple sets in order to get a flat stomach is stupidity. For a normal person, I would advise not more than twice a week.’

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The PM Modi experience abroad

I had covered international summits before as well - the Sapporo G8 summit in 2008 when PM Dr Manmohan Singh went to Japan defying the Left to push ahead with the nuke deal - but the Brisbane G20 summit and Prime Minister Modi's five-day trip to Australia was certainly a different experience.

First, an Indian Prime Minister was traveling Down Under after a gap of 28 years. Predictably, the PM's calendar was packed: unveiling a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, pitching the "Make in India" campaign to Australian CEOs, meetings with Aussie politicians, addressing a joint session of the Australian Parliament, attending a reception by the Indian diaspora at a venue usually reserved for touring rockstars and finally, a banquet at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Now, if you consider that all these and a few more events were spread over two-and-a half days across four cities, it simply meant the PM was engaged from 8 am in the morning to 10 pm at night. For Indian journalists, the challenge, of course, was to make it on time from one event to another. True, as many of the events were "open only to the official media," it gave us some much-needed breathing space.

Chacha Nehru's birthday at Tech Campus:

Prime Minister Modi arrived at Brisbane a day before the G20 officially kicked off on November 15. But that didn't mean he would have any free time for himself.

Almost immediately, he got down to business. He visited the Queensland University of Technology, agreed to get selfies done with enthusiastic students, many of whom were from India. Later, the PM tweeted about spending the day at a campus on Pandit Nehru's birth anniversary.

The Cameron Exchange and a missed opportunity:

The same evening, British Prime Minister David Cameron was the first foreign leader PM Modi had a bilateral meeting with. I had gone to cover the meeting but learnt that the photo-op was open only to the "official" media. The British PM, however, may want to give a short sound bite after the two PMs had met, his media team informed. I wasn't willing to let it go.

"Ok guys, where do you want me to do this," asked Mr Cameron as he walked in after meeting his Indian counterpart. My colleague, Suresh Kumar, asked him to stand in a particular way and Mr Cameron sportingly obliged. In the next five minutes, Mr Cameron described his meeting as excellent and informed that he had invited Mr Modi to visit Britain.

So what did they discuss? Apart from economic issues, Mr Cameron stressed on security challenges: "Both agree that we have to challenge the narrative of extremism and violence."

As I walked out, I saw PM Modi engrossed in conversation with the National Security Advisor, Mr Ajit Doval about 50 feet away. There were no journalists around. Here was my chance to get an exclusive bite. Should I just walk up and ask him for a soundbite? The atmosphere in the room was formal, actually quite overwhelming! There was no way I could shout out, what we usually do to attract attention for a soundbite.

Shouldn't I just wait for the PM to look towards us? The moment he see us, I will pop the question: Sir, how was your meeting?

I am not sure if he noticed at all. Dressed in a smart pair of khakis and a jacket, he seemed immersed in conversation even as he started walking away. Before I could tip toe my way to the PM, he was already heading for his next engagement: a dinner meeting with Shinzo Abe.

I spent the rest of the night, regretting my "missed" opportunity to get a soundbite from the PM. That opportunity came less than 48 hours later. Mr Modi was unveiling the statute of the Mahatma at the Roma Park. The Indian media was there, in full force, to cover the event. While most others placed their cameras in front of the stage where the PM was scheduled to speak, we parked ourselves right in front of the Gandhi statue. There was one more TV crew waiting there and another joined in.

As soon as PM unveiled the statue and got a group photo clicked with the organizers, I shouted out: "Prime Minister sir! Would you... would you please speak to us?" I took my chance even though less than 5 minutes ago, he had spoken and shared his thoughts on his Australia visit. The Prime Minister sportingly obliged the camerapersons for the perfect frame, stood next to the statue, gave us a smile and left with a Namaste!

Breaking the security protocol:

"Modi, Modi, Modi!!" Wherever the PM went, his admirers and supporters would line up the venue, fill the air with chants and slogans, often prompting the PM to break his protocol, get out of his security ring and meet people, shake hands or even pose for a selfie!

In Sydney, right next to the Allphones Arena, a group of about 100 protesters were protesting against the PM. Their complaint: the BJP, during their earlier stint in power, didn't do much to ensure justice to the victims of 1984.But the protesters were clearly outnumbered before a 16,000-strong crowd who had gathered to listen to the PM.

At the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australian PM Tony Abbot hosted a banquet in honor of Mr Modi, crowds had gathered by 3 in the afternoon. Could it be because of the cricketing legends? After all, how often do you see Sunil Gavaskar, Allan Border, Kapil Dev, Glen McGrath, Laxman, Steve Waugh or Dean Jones together?

"No, we have come to see our Prime Minister," said a couple from Bangalore, who were on a vacation in Australia and New Zealand. They were meant to fly out of New Zealand but changed their plan and came back to Australia. Could they not have seen him in India? "Yes but here, we hope to meet him as security is not so strict," said the wife.

By the time the banquet ended, it was 10pm. The weather had suddenly turned quite cold with a constant breeze. The number of people waiting to meet the PM was no more than 50, perhaps one-fifth of what we saw in the evening. But the moment he walked, there was frenzy once again!

Apart from his scheduled speeches, including the one at the Australian Parliament, Prime Minister Modi didn't give any soundbite or hold a press conference for the Indian journalists who followed him everywhere. But he kept his followers updated with his tweets, text of his speeches or video links to his programs. So is anyone really complaining?

Selfie stick in Time magazine's best inventions list

The selfie stick that facilitates your capturing a selfie from an angle of your choice by positioning your smartphone beyond the arms' reach has made it to the Time magazine's list of 25 best inventions of 2014.

"If 2013 was the year in which selfie became a buzzword, then 2014 was the year selfies became a cultural phenomenon," Time said, indicating that the new-found infatuation with selfies matured within a year.

"Look no further than a recent Pew report, which found that at least a quarter of Americans have shared a selfie on a social-networking site (including Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian and President Obama)," it added.

In fact, it does not matter in which part of the world you live, and whether you are old or young, a high-profile politician or one among the hoi polloi, everyone seems to love taking a selfie.

The selfie stick (produced by multiple brands) "adds genuine value", Time quoted Van Baker, a mobile tech analyst at the research firm Gartner, as saying.

Also in the list is a smartphone that puts privacy at the forefront and helps users conceal their data.
The Blackphone "runs a customised Android operating system stripped of features that might make data vulnerable, like calendar sync", Time noted.

"It also comes with software that encrypts calls, texts and browsing history at levels far beyond normal smartphones," the report added.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Tourist Was Filming At The Beach When THIS Came Out Of The Water… This Is CRAZY!

Hey guys, I've seen a lot of incredible videos in my time and I have to say that this one is truly remarkable. A tourist was enjoying what seemed to be a calm day at the beach in Arraial do Cabo in Brazil when he spotted something rather unusual in the water. He immediately grabbed his camera and recorded a pod of 30 dolphins headed straight for shore!If you think that’s incredible, wait until you see what happens next.

I don’t know why the dolphins did what they did, but I’m so glad that it ended the way that it did. Kudos to the camera man for capturing and sharing this extremely rare and incredible event!

Dollar Store Princess Wand Contains Suicidal Demon Bonus Image

What little girl doesn't want a sparkling pink princess wand that holds a dark suicidal secret?
Nicole Allen, a mother in Dayton, Ohio, is not too happy with her local dollar store after purchasing something that looked like an innocent toy: a pink, plastic wand in a fun, purple package. After giving the toy to her sweet two-year-old daughter, the young girl promptly peeled off its foil cover, revealing a vivid image of a big-eyed, bloody-toothed demon lady slitting her wrist. Fun!

To be fair, Nicole overlooked the fact that the wand was called "EvilStick," but to be fair once again, the package also said "I can send out wonderful music!" and that message was written on a snowflake, so.
The dollar store owner reportedly says he will take the toy off the shelves if he receives more complaints.
Though the toy is certainly not suitable for children, and while I disagree with the store owner that children see "images like [a demon slitting her wrist] on TV every day," I do think this spooky nightmare toy is suitable for a certain blogger who would love if her local dollar store began carrying it.