Wednesday, July 30, 2014

13 Beautiful places in India to visit before you visit their foreign counterparts

A lot of people in India are travelling abroad for vacations, honeymoons and just for the sake of visiting beautiful new places in the world. But a lot of us seem to forget that what we seek abroad, we can find as easily in our own country. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t travel abroad, but it does mean that one should travel within India and witness all its marvels before we step out into the world. So here are a few places you should visit in India before you visit their counterparts abroad.

Here are my 13 must visits in India before you look for these beauties abroad.

1. Before you get lost in the beauty of Switzerland,

Find your piece of paradise in Kashmir.

2. Before you get drenched at the Niagara Falls,

Get drenched at the Chitrakoot Falls in Chhattisgarh.

3. before you surf the sands of the Sahara,

Come and explore the Thar.

4. Before you visit the Bonneville Salt Flats in America,

Visit the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

5. Before you take a trip to Madagascar,

Take a trip to the Andamans.

6. Before you chill on the beaches of Brazil,

Give the beaches of Goa a chance.

7. Before you go 'Woah' about the bridges in Taiwan,

Take a bow at the Howrah bridge in Kolkata.

8. Before you feast your eyes on the flowers in Antelope Valley in the U.S.A

Drink in the colours of the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand.

9. Before you hear the roar of the African lion,

Be awed by the majesty of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

10. If its french architecture you crave for, why go all the way to Saigon in Vietnam,

When you can see it all in Pondicherry in India.

11. Before taking a stroll in a Japanese flower garden,

Take a romantic walk in Nainital.

12. Before you get dwarfed by the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil,

Get dwarfed by Saint Thiruvalluvar's statue in Kanyakumari.

13. And before you take selfies at the Arc de Triomphe in France

Feel proud and take one at India Gate in New Delhi.

Which of these Indian locations you think have beaten their foreign competitors. Please leave your comments below.


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