Friday, September 11, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Date Your Colleagues?

Is dating a coworker a good idea? Well, it depends upon a lot of factors. But if you take a look at both sides of the coin, you will come to know that dating work colleagues may not go well except in some rare cases. There are some solid reasons why office romance could be dangerous. 

Signs He Is Very Insecure 
As most of us tend to spend almost the whole day in the office, we tend to get attracted to colleagues. If things stop there, you are in the safe zone. But some men who blindly form attachments with their colleagues try to take it further and generally face awkward situations. When a man tries to genuinely love, what if the woman co-worker perceives it in a wrong way? Well, she may hyper react or create an awkward situation which may make things ugly in the workplace. 

Signs She Isn't Marriage Material 
So, is it a bad idea to date a coworker? Well, take a look at some of the risks of doing so. Analyse the pros and cons and take the final decision.

  • She May Misunderstand Your Advances: Of course, when you keep staring at her, she may get scared. And when you try to talk to her at every given opportunity, she may find you creepy even if you have genuine feelings in your heart.
  • She May Create A Scene: If she gets intimidated, she may even create a scene or drama in front of everyone, which might shock you. You think she is your love but she thinks you are a stalker.
  • She May Scream: Some women take it to the next level and even scream at men who try to propose them in the workplace. Of course, they have their own reasons. The are frustrated to see men running behind them everywhere.
  • Your Professional Relationship Goes For A Toss: Of course, once your colleague starts perceiving you in bad light, how would you feel like showing your face again to her?
  • Your Image In The Office May Get Damaged: Some people in offices are gossip engines. So, the word spreads everywhere. Everyone around you will start perceiving you as if you tried to do some ugly thing. 
  • You May Feel Awkward To Work There: When your image gets damaged, you tend to lose interest in working there. This may either make you resign soon or you may try to find a new job.
  • You May Lose Your Job: If the management also perceives your behaviour as unpleasant, they may politely show you the door.

This way, there are certain issues that arise when you are dating a coworker. Beware of them and take the risk only if it is worth it; that too when she can really understand your true inner feelings. Generally, men are misunderstood. So, be careful when venturing into such a territory.

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