Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Know about your religion on this website

Want know about your religion and caste? What importance does your religion and caste hold in your life? Where can you access concrete information about your religion? Your search for these answers ends at web portal IAMNINDIAN.COM. “I Am N Indian” brings to you a collaboratively informative website centred in with cultures, tradition, religion, faith, inspiration, food, art and many more for you to incorporate Indian values under just one click.

‘India’ the land of religion and beliefs. It is surrounded by one of the richest and most exciting cultural traditions in the world. Our culture goes back hundreds of years and this is the reason ours is known as one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

We are the only country whose culture is accepted by most of the countries, for example Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Architecture, etc. are gifts of India to mankind. ‘I Am N Indian’ strongly believes our identity is ‘Indian’. We also believe religious beliefs and practices are points of curiosity from time to time but do not routinely come up for discussions in young people’s conversations. Nowadays teenagers are abandoning religion before they reach adulthood, with an increasing number not raised with religion at all.

IAMNINDIAN.COM gives you to explore, understand, learn, and share under just one click. It is marked as a revolution towards Mankind helping appreciate and value each other’s way of life. It believes this mysteriously diverse view of religion is a strong reason to come up with this portal and enable a place to educate their visitors about the massive learning our Indian culture has to offer bringing in the accessibility to all faith under one safe haven. ‘I Am N Indian’ is just a genuine effort to bring every religion together under one connect.

This website is filtered with concrete information about Indian religion, caste, prayers, teachings, ceremonies, festival, food, culture, faith, inspiration, values and many more. It is a platform where your family and children understand your religious background and values well again and it also helps a widespread awareness among the youth of today and the upcoming generation.

The ‘I Am N Indian’ website and application simplifies the first step to you which is signing up yourself by keying in your religion and caste along with your mobile number. Followed by which it will filter information about your own religion, caste, festival, culture, art, food and ceremonies. This will help people understand their religion well enough filling in anything that you have missed following so far even after spending years in the archives; it will help discover the better “You”.

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