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The Shivlinga under the sea water

The Stambeshwar Mahadev temple is situated about 40 miles from vadodara

Nishkalank Mahadev Temple in Koliyak, Bhavnagar, Gujarat is full of wonders. This temple is buried inside the sea. On a heavy tide day, all that can be seen are the flag and a pillar.

It is beyond ones understanding that there is a Lord Shiva Temple just under the fierce sea.

This temple is still in use, and people visit this place on foot! The temple contains 5 distinct swayumbu Shiva lingams inside. This is certainly one of the best spiritual destinations!

The next temple story dates back to Mahabaratha era. Pandavas killed all the Kuravas and won the fight. Pandavas were sorrow stricken knowing they acquired sins for killing their own family. In order to find redemption for their sins, Pandavas met Lord Krishna.

To remove the sins, Krishna hands over a black Flag and a Black COW. He directs the Pandavas to follow it, when both Cow and flag turns white, they all will be pardoned. Krishna also advises them to do penance to lord Shiva, after that.

The angst stricken brothers followed the cow wherever it went and carried the flag. They walked for days, to different places and the color did not change. Finally, when they arrived at the Koliyak Beach, both cow and the flag color turned to white. Pandavas were exalted. And all the 5 brothers sat for deep forfeit, meditated on lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva impressed by the brothers showed up in lingam form to each brother. As they meditated, each lingam appeared in front of each brother. In total there were 5 (Swayumbu) lingams that showed up on their own. Pandavas were delighted to see this and they worshiped all the five lingams with great devotion.

Lord Shiva here is known as Nishkalan Mahadev. ‘Nishkalank’ has many meaning they are clean, pure, guiltless, to cleanse, to purify, etc. It is said that Pandavas established Nishkalank or Nakalank Mahadev on a Amavasai of the Indian calendar month of Bhadarva.

The famous fair popularly known as ‘Bhadarvi’ is held on the no moon night in month of Sharvan (August), as per the Indian calendar. An idol of Lord Shiva was established in an island, over the sea about 3 km to the east of Koliyak. Each lingam has a Nandhi facing it. The lingams are spread across a square Platform. There is a pond called Pandavas pond and devotees’ first wash their hands and legs and only then they visit the Lord Shivas shrines.

As per the meaning of the name of mahadev, People worship ‘Nishkalank’ mahadev to be clean, pure, guiltless, to cleanse and to purify themselves.
One other alike place is Kavi Kamboi, near Baroda.

The Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is situated about 40 miles from Vadodara in the small town of Kavi Kamboi of Gujarat. The temple is located along the Bay of Khambat in the Arabian Sea. The most interesting fact about this temple is that it can be visited only during the low tide hours. In the hours of high tides, the temple is mostly submerged. Thousands flock to this place frequently to watch the mesmerizing view of submerging or reemerging of the temple from the sea.

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