Saturday, July 9, 2016

You aren't pretty if you don't have the ab crack, according to Instagram

Instagram will have you believe that you ain't pretty if there's no cavity running down your middle.

The internet keeps introducing us to a new body fad every other day. And by chance, if there's a day that sees you wake up full of love for your body, then wait till the time the internet introduces you to a new way of turning that warm fuzzy feeling into hatred.

Have a hard time figuring out whether you are beautiful or not? Why not give any of the body beauty trends a go?
From the thigh gap to the collarbone challenge--the more number of pennies you can place in your collarbone, the prettier you are--body beauty trends change our relationships with our bodies.
And, the newest to play with our minds is the ab crack. The ab crack is a defined line running down the centre of your body that can only be achieved by extreme fitness and according to an article in Elle, "While Ab Cracks vary in depth and definition, all Ab Cracks show us you've been in the gym (sic)."

Yes, they probably show that, but ab cracks only add to the list of unrealistic standards by which people especially a woman's body is judged.
Seriously girls, whichever way your body looks--with or without those fat rolls--when you look in the mirror, this is all you should see!

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