Friday, February 27, 2015

Unhappy with your appraisal? Speak to your boss

Not happy with your appraisal this year? Don’t worry. Just write or talk to your boss. Firms including Virtusa Corp, HCL Technologies, MakeMyTrip, Tata Group, Godrej and RPG Group are welcoming feedback from their employees as part of a new human resource (HR) practice to control attrition.

Companies are also making efforts to create the appraisal process fair and interactive to retain talent.

“Employees can now give (written or vocal) feedback on the quality of appraisal discussions they had with their managers,” said R Anand, vicepresident, global rewards, people and leadership, HCL Technologies. “In case of dissatisfaction, the reviewer is informed along with the respective HR manager who is responsible to bring the discussion to a satisfactory close.”

Many companies are conducting surveys and organsiing group meetings where employees can convey disappointments or suggestions to their immediate bosses as well as the top management.

MakeMyTrip, a travel portal, is coaching its appraisers about tips on the art of receiving feedback.

Virtusa Corp, a Nasdaqlisted IT company, will carry out employee surveys on the appraisal process.

“We are encouraging our employees to provide feedback on the performance appraisal process through engagement surveys and group meetings,” said Ratish Jha, head, HR, Raychem RPG. “The appraisal process is designed to enhance employee development, and we want to know if it is achieving this purpose.”

Staffing companies also feel that receiving feedback is a welcome trend. “This is a welcome trend,” said Mayank Chandra, managing partner, Antal International, an UKbased staffing firm. “However, firms should ensure impartiality among team members.”

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  1. Agree on your post we have companies who have also stopped following the normal norms of bell curve..for appraisals..