Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine’s Day Special: What to not say on your first date

It’s not like you are faking it when you meet someone on a date for the first time, it’s just that you ought to know what works and not. Besides, you should behave in every way! We list out some topics that you shouldn’t dare to utter about:

Weight issues 
You are seeing each other for the first time and no matter how surprised or shocked you are, keep it calm! The weight or physique doesn’t give you the right to be impolite. Unless, yes, if the person was faking it with his/her picture especially in case of a blind date.

Over expressing
This can be different for different cases but no one likes you cheesy and over expressive. You shouldn’t ideally be saying ‘I love you’ right away. This is if you don’t know your date just as well. You may believe in ‘love at first site,’ but just give it a break. Your date might walk out on you, and you don’t want to shower them with rather lusty complements. This means you can’t blurt out thing on the lines of ‘you are fat!’ or ‘I want to kiss you.'

Random comparisons
These can be random and bizarre too. So you shouldn’t say, ‘you look like my mom’ or ‘oh my God, you smell like my ex!’ You’ll get a slap right across your face right then. Such conversations are beyond awkward and offensive (in a way), don’t touch them.

Personal talks
It’s really not cool if you’ve come with a questionnaire that you want to make use of, on your date. No questions about separated parents, divorce, money, earnings, properties and all of that. It’s just okay if you’ve shared a rapport since a while now, and it’s not the first time you are having a conversation about them. However, falling for your complete oppose has its own benefits too.

Sexist or racist conversations 
Whoever you are, however senior your designation, however high your status; none of it makes you complete if you think it’s okay to be sexist or pass racist comments. Your date is definitely not going anywhere if you cross the line. Not just for your first date but for the ones to follow as well, big no-no! Mind it!

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