Tuesday, September 23, 2014

White Tiger kills youth in Delhi. Watch the shocking video here.

A white tiger attacked and killed a 19-year-old man who jumped into the animal's enclosure at Delhi Zoo located in Sundar Nagar in south Delhi on Tuesday afternoon.
The attack was photographed and videographed by some eyewitnesses in their mobile phones. After the mishap, the zoo was closed for the day.  
The deceased, identified as Maqsood, 19, was a factory worker and resident of central Delhi’s Anand Parbat. His parents – Mehfooz alias Pardeshi and Ishrat – claimed that Maqsood was being treated for mental illness for the past two years. They also said that Maqsood was addicted to bhang.

Amitabh Agnihotri, zoo director, said the incident took place at around 1 pm when Maqsood crossed the stand-off barrier of the white tiger enclosure and jumped into the moat despite at least two warnings given to him by a security guard, identified as Praveen. The moat is almost 20-feet down from the ground.
Eyewitnesses said that after the youth jumped into the moat surrounding the enclosure. Within five seconds, the white tiger that was roaming inside the enclosure was facing Maqsood. "The man was cowering in fear and appeared to be pleading with folded hands to the tiger to spare him," said Himanshu, an eyewitness.

It was Himanshu who called the police control room. The tiger stood still facing Maqsood for over ten minutes, even as some horrified witnesses began screaming and threw stones and sticks to divert the tiger’s attention and save the youth’s life.
“The tiger pounced on the youth with his paw and grabbed him by the neck only when it panicked following a drill conducted by the zoo staff to divert the attention of the tiger. After locking the youth in its jaws, the tiger dragged him up to almost fifty meters from the moat toward the left side of the cage. The man was writhing badly in pain and he kept suffering for the next 10-15 minutes, but nobody helped him,” said Himanshu.
Another witness said the tiger kept roaming around the enclosure, holding the victim by the neck. A police team along with an ambulance also arrived at the spot.

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Zoo manager Riaz Khan said they do have tranquilising guns kept at the zoo hospital.
“By the time we could have organised those, the youth was killed,” he said. The enclosure is separated from visitors by a concrete ditch, with shrubs on the tiger's side followed by a 60-centimetre (two-foot) railing.
Mandeep Singh Randhawa, DCP (Southeast), said they are taking legal action into the case. “We will register a case of negligence and probe the matter from all angles,” said Randhawa.

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