Thursday, September 18, 2014

True Story: This Job Requires Expertise in Sex and Marijuana

The Cannabist - The Denver Post's marijuana news site - is hiring a sex columnist. As the editor of a news website, I thought this was a ruse till a friend  send me the link. Yes, it is a job post -'Now hiring: Sex columnist, with weed focus (apply by Oct. 1)'

Their tweet says (and my college-self agrees) - this is a dream job.

Here is what the job requires - 'This is a paid freelance position, and our ideal candidate will truly put him or herself out there. These sex and relationship columns will be a place to speak frankly and intelligently about intimacy and cannabis - a space deserving of such attention, more now than ever.'

The only hitch - none of the anonymous stuff works here. This job requires the right candidate to "write about sex and marijuana publicly under your given name."

Colorado's legal marijuana dispensaries have been to selling weed to adults since January this year - and the Cannabist covers all things marijuana.  

As their editor Ricardo Baca says ' The world is changing rapidly, and so are the ways we live (and love) with marijuana.'

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