Monday, August 24, 2015

Shahrukh Khan Talks About The Film With Aamir And Salman Khan

Shahrukh Khan recently talked about the movie plan with Aamir, Salman and himself in detail to a leading daily. While he spoke about a lot of other things, our focus goes on this interesting topic that every Khan fan wants to know about.

Shahrukh Khan felt that it could be a little difficult for such a thing to happen, considering all three are mainstream heroes. He said, "I think it's difficult to do a three-hero film, especially when all the three heroes are leading mainstream actors. A lot of times, it gets difficult to make a film with even two smaller heroes, as both think of themselves as stars (smiles)." He further added, "In this case, the three of us are actually stars. But, I feel, it might not be a problem. All three of us are humble enough to understand that we are doing a film [together]. 

We have to choose a film in which all three of us are equal. We should do [a film like] Ghostbusters (1984). That film has equal roles for all the three heroes (laughs)." Then he revealed a joke Salman cracked, "One day, Salman cracked a joke. He said, "Guys, we three won't do a film together. We will only end up fighting. One will keep using his brains, another will finish the work quickly, and someone will not reach the sets on time." So, we discuss stuff like this." 

Shahrukh further discussed this topic in detail, "Today, if I were to write [a script] for Varun (Dhawan), Ranveer (Singh) and Ranbir (Kapoor), it would be hard. Not only because they should have equal roles, but because it must do justice to them all. It's a difficult proposition to write a three-hero film, and then get three heroines, and three villains (smiles). If it happens, it's great and even if it doesn't, that's also good. 

The three of us don't exist because we should be in cinema together. Instead, we exist because we should be in cinema." Well, we hope like what SRK expects, some brilliant scriptwriter manages to write a good film with three leading heroes, so that we can see the Khans' acting together.

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