Monday, May 19, 2014

How to solve the Rubik's Cube

The humble Rubik's Cube is 40 years-old today. I had racked my brains all these years, but our favourite Rubik's cube puzzle does have a easy solution to solve. Only if I could have got my hands on these details earlier, it would have been so awesome to show-off in school :P

Ever since it was originally introduced to a global market in the 80s - after an initial release in Erno Rubik's homeland of Hungary - there has been a market for books and videos showing how to beat the frustrating but highly addictive 3x3x3 puzzle. However, many of them are unlicensed and complex in their presentation of the algorithms needed to correctly finish with six evenly coloured sides. has a downloadable leaflet with fully-illustrated steps and explanations. There is also a step-by-step tutorial video on YouTube that takes you through the most straight forward way to beat the cube and impress your friends. And we present that for you here too.

Each step is explained in its own clip, so you shouldn't get too bamboozled by having it all revealed to you in one hit.

Step 1 - Get to know your Rubik's cube

Step 2 - Solve the White cross

Step 3 - Solve the White corners

Step 4 - Solve the middle layer

Step 5 - Solve the top layer

Step 6 - Position the yellow corners correctly

So long all you guys, enjoy and show-off your new found intelligence.

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