Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Inventions that could blow your mind

Its time to get tech savvy, and here are some inventions that could take the market by storm.

1. MakerBot Digitizer
Printing in a 3D format and scanning objects other than flat papers was only a far-fetched dream till the time the MakerBot Digitizer became a reality. It’s a desktop device that can scan almost any small object up to about 8 inches in diameter. Place the item on its rotating turntable, and the Digitizer uses two lasers and a webcam to create a 3-D digital file within 12 minutes. Once the digital scan is completed, an object can be manufactured right away by feeding the resulting file to a 3-D printer. It’s much easier and faster than using any software to design a digital model from scratch and you know the best part about it? It’s absolutely user friendly. 

2. Soccket
The gadget which looks like a soccer ball has power (in the literal sense). You play with it and kick it around for 30 minutes; its internal mechanisms convert the kinetic energy to electricity which can last for about 3 hours. A total 16 hours of play can make your Soccket fully charged with power for 72 hours.  People across the globe may soon find themselves powering their homes by doing something as delightful and simple as playing a game.

3. Bounce Imaging Explorer
The Bounce Imaging Explorer has six cameras packed into a rubber orb, the size of a baseball, along with a Wi-Fi transmitter and sensors to detect things like temperature and air quality. The data it picks up can be beamed back to the user via a smartphone or tablet. So in case of any emergencies, disaster responders, police, or fire fighters could throw the camera and check the situation before entering the place themselves.

4. Oculus Rift
If you are a hard-core gamer, this tech invention can truly change your life. Your dream to enjoy games in a 3D experience can be an easy reality with the Oculus Rift. It is a head-mounted, virtual-reality device designed specifically keeping gaming in mind. The high-definition 960×1080 per-eye display reduces the screen-door effect and improves clarity, colour, and contrast. The idea behind the goggles-and-headphones style contraption is to immerse players in a 3D world that’s as close as possible to the real one.

5. Gravity Light
Even today, one-third of the world’s population is deprived of electricity. The Gravity Light is the perfect gift for those who do not have access to light as we know of it. It is a simple, ingenious device that generates light without access to electricity. The portable device doesn't have any batteries; it does not require any fuel either. Instead, you hang the lamp on a wall and fill the bag attached with any heavy material that weighs between 8 to 12.5 kg.  The weight slowly pulls a notched belt through a series of gears to drive a small motor, which powers an LED - ambient or directed light, depending on what you need, for about 30 minutes. It can even be used to power other low-voltage devices like radios or batteries. Awesome, isn’t it?

6. Automatic
A bit of the smart-car future has already found its way to our existing vehicles with a small device called Automatic. Automatic pulls data about your engine and driving habits and displays the results on your phone with the help of Bluetooth (iPhone BT 4.0, Android BT 2.1+). It maps out each trip using GPS, tallies gas usage and mileage, and gives you a driving score. It even remembers where you parked. This surely is going to give you a perfect car ride!

7. Argus II
The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System functions as an artificial retina in the light-sensitive part of the eye that collects image information and passes it along to the brain through the optic nerve. People with a disease called retinitis pigmentosa (RP) lose the retina’s light-sensitive cells. Argus II is a boon for them. The device is surgically implanted in and on the eye and is connected to an exterior video processing unit (VPU) consisting of eyeglasses that have customized edge and contrast enhancements along with a 20 degree maximum possible field view. 

Guys what do you all think. Which one is your favourite from these inventions?

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