Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Motorola unveils the Android based Smartwatch: Moto 360

Motorola Mobility is trying to bring the sexy back to wearables with the Moto 360.

Hot on the heels of Google’s announcement of Android Wear, Motorola on Tuesday took the covers off Moto 360, its Android-based smartwatch. The device, which runs Google’s wearable software, will go on sale this summer, starting with the U.S.

That watch is the Moto 360, which the company said would launch in the summer, starting in the US. Motorola only offered a small glimpse, but the device looks like an actual timepiece. The company bragged that it would use a round face and premium materials.

Motorola said that you would be able to get alerts on emails, missed calls, and calendar appointments with the twist of the wrist. Like other devices running on Android Wear, it responds to the "OK Google" command.
Google earlier Tuesday released the details of Android Wear, and has lined up hardware vendors, chipmakers, and one apparel company in Fossil Group. With Android Wear, the company is attempting to create a more consistent experience for watches running on its OS.
I bring to you a sneak peak in Moto 360's unveiling, check the video:

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