Thursday, March 13, 2014

Selena and Justin are back together:

Singer Selena Gomez's parents are concerned about her reunion with notorious pop star Justin Bieber. Justin and Selena have given their previously rocky romance a second chance and gotten back together, but is it for good? A source close to Justin has revealed exclusively that he is happy to be back with his lady-love but still might not give up his old cheating way.

The couple was recently spotted kissing and hugging each other during breakfast at a restaurant in Texas, and on another day, Bieber dedicated a song to Gomez in a surprise SXSW party at a bar in Austin.

Soon after the 21-year-old singer(Selena) was released from rehab for an unknown treatment, a racy video featuring Bieber and Gomez surfaced.

"Selena has chosen Justin over her family in the past," quoted a source as saying. "They are disappointed about that, her father has told her he doesn't like her spending time with him," the source added.

This is not the first time that the couple has got back together after their initial breakup in November 2012. Early in January, they were seen together, riding Segways in Bieber's Southern California neighbourhood.

'She's disgusted': Taylor Swift 'ditches best friend Selena Gomez' as singer reunites with Justin Bieber

They were once so close that Taylor Swift dubbed Selena Gomez 'the closest thing I have to a sister'. But Taylor has reportedly ditched her best friend following her decision to reunite with bad boy ex Justin Bieber.

Swift disapproves of her Come And Get It pal's decision to get back together with the troubled Baby hitmaker, following his recent legal troubles and hard-partying reputation.

Selena said last August: 'I think girls need to be more supportive of each other. I definitely agree with that. I'm all about that. 'Taylor has been one of those girls. We have been friends for five years. She is very strong. She doesn't care what people think and she inspires me.'  

“Selena thinks if Taylor were really her friend she wouldn’t give her an ultimatum or make her choose between the two,” our source revealed. “She respects Taylor and always will, but the most important thing to Selena is Justin right now.”

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