Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Living Paintings, that grow in front of you

The Art of Movement is a monthly show that highlights the most significant innovations in science and technology that are helping shape our modern world.

A living painting is many things," says artist and designer Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. "It's a painting in process, it's a work of film, it's an actual tactile painting."

Mestrovic celebrates the movement behind painting by recording every step of the process on camera. When creating his "living paintings" on a wet canvas, he sets up high-resolution cameras and lighting to capture every stroke, without his hands or the brush ever being seen.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Mestrovic got the idea for this process while developing his first film "Scriptura Vitae," which fuses Japanese performance art with his unique style of painting.

The piece was commissioned as part of the Random Acts art series by the UK's Channel 4, and stars Japanese actress Miho Nikaido, alongside Maki Shinagawa, a Japanese dance theater performer.

Having lived in Tokyo and studied calligraphy for years, Mestrovic often uses ancient texts and his knowledge of lettering in his artwork.

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