Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get the perfect and healthy dishes for Ganesh Festival this year

Bappa is finally on his way to enter our homes and hearts in a few days and preparations have begun in full swing to give him the best treatment this year. Just like any other festival, we celebrate it with yummy home-made treats many of which can be quite heavy. Being in a festive mood can often mean we throw caution to the wind and indulge in sweets and snacks without realising how many additional calories we are piling on just within a few days.
However with certain modifications, you can make your favourite dish healthy without missing out on taste or the fear of gaining too much weight. Nutritionist Naini Setalvad shares with us five deliciously healthy recipes of popular dishes made during Ganesh Chaturthi. Savour them without any regrets and enjoy this festival with a healthy spirit.

Urad Dal Karanjiya
Made using black lentil, this dish is quite healthy. It has various spices which not just add flavour but also have several health benefits as well. The dough is made using rice dough and the dish is savoury in taste.
Varan Bhaat
This dish too is made using lentils – tur dal which is tempered with spices. This is eaten with steamed rice. Varan is very healthy and light too.
Another healthy recipe, it is made using many vegetables. Most of the vegetables used are quite less in number of calories such as bottle gourd, cucumber, pumpkin, etc. This makes it extremely healthy.
A traditional Maharashtrian dish, this version is made using jaggery or gur which is healthier than sugar. This sweet dish is quite a popular dish amongst children and adults. But restrict the quantity and don’t go overboard as it is quite heavy.
Ukadiche Modak
Ganesh Chaturthi will be incomplete if there is no modak. This steamed modak has lesser calories and it is made with rice flour and skim milk. Make them fresh and eat 1-2 every day.

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