Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WrestleMania 30: What you missed and what were the High's and Low's

The Road to WrestleMania's final destination has led us all to the biggest wrestling extravaganza of 2014 - WWE WrestleMania XXX! The 30th anniversary celebration of WWE's past, present and future will feature a wide array of great matches and unforgettable moments.

The results of WWE's WrestleMania 30 are in, so it's time for us to look back on the evening and break down the highlights and low points that made the event what it was.

The Biggest Highlight of the night was undoubtedly - Hulk Hogan, Austin and The Rock in one ringHowever, this was truly an epic moment to showcase the legacy of WrestleMania.

Both older fans who have followed WWE for the past 30 years and newer ones who appreciate the history giggled and cheered at this sight.

Whether it was Hulk Hogan's flub, where he mixed up the Silverdome and Superdome, the bevy of catchphrases that the crowd could get behind or the atmosphere itself, this was an amazing way to start off the night.

Low point can be a disappointing match of John Cena vs Bray WyattThe slow pace of the match was tough to swallow since everything before it was packed with action.

Even worse, the fans appeared to be supportive of Bray Wyatt instead of John Cena, but the way it was booked was clearly designed to create the opposite feeling.

If the whole point of the match was for the audience to feel Cena's struggle, but the crowd couldn't have cared less, then the contest fell flat. 

Another low point was Divas Championship invitationAny fan with their head on straight knew that this match would turn out to be a giant mess, and it surely didn't shock anyone when that actually happened.

Having all of these women in the ring at the same time was a recipe for disaster, considering how only a few of them can be trusted to wrestle a decent match.

While the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal had rules that allow for some leeway with a large quantity of performers, this was a one-fall disaster.

And we come to the lowest point and one of the biggest shock of the night: The Undertaker vs Brock LesnarThis was yet another match that was far too slow for its own good. Having to follow John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt meant that momentum was already not on their side.

Lesnar's entrance felt long, and The Undertaker's naturally was, but there was nothing special this year that we haven't seen before to liven that up.

Then, instead of starting off with a bang, this match almost literally limped on. Lesnar attacked Undertaker's legs, which went on longer than anyone would have wanted it to go. This match was already facing an uphill battle with a poor build, and the in-ring action didn't save it.

But the biggest reason why this was a low point was the outcome.
After a disappointing setup and match, ending The Streak was a perfect way to finish a giant low point.

Highlight finally towards the end: Daniel Bryan Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - The one big thing that WrestleMania 30 was about this year, above all else, was the story of Daniel Bryan's triumph over The Authority. Accomplishing this was an epic tale from start to finish, going all the way back to SummerSlam 2013.

With such a long build and so many different ups and downs along the road, anything short of Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would have been a travesty.

This is going to be one of those moments in WWE history that is referred to for years to come and used in constant video packages.

You all can watch the highlights of the WrestleMania 30 2014 below:

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