Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coming soon: Powdered Alcohol to give you a high

Frustrated with carrying wine or vodka bottles? Just sprinkle this powder over food, or mix it with plain water or juice and get a high! How kool is that.

The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved the sale of powdered alcohol in tiny pouches. Named Palcohol, it could be available as early as this fall.

“Palcohol is a great convenience for the person on the go. One package weighs about an ounce and is small enough to fit into any pocket,” said its Phoenix-based developer Mark Phillips on his website. The firm proposes two formulas - V (made from vodka) and R (a rum-based powder).

Consumers would also be able to buy powdered versions of popular cocktails such as the mojito, the lemon drop and “powderita”, a powdered margarita.

According to the website, “Palcohol can be transported in your luggage without the fear of bottles breaking. In any situation where weight and breakage is an issue, Palcohol provides the answer.” But a section of the society has criticised the move as the product seems highly likely to raise a large number of legal issues and controversies.

I just wonder if they can make something like this for the beer drinkers. I know its a wild thought and next to impossible. No one likes their beers flat. But the thought of having a drink of beer anytime anywhere is enough for me to droll on!

Watch this space for more.

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