Saturday, May 20, 2017

Perfectly timed photogenic pics of Cats

It should be obvious to anyone who’s ever used the internet by now that cats are simply wonderful. We love them, and that’s why we love taking photographs of them. And if those photos are taken at just the right moment, we end up loving cats even more!
Here are some shots which prove that cats are perhaps the most delightfully photogenic animals on Earth.

Oh, hey!

Oh, you’re taking a photo? Well, I’m flattered!

Well, I don’t like you much either!

Many things seem terrifying when you’re still young...

— But I’m already full, grandma!
— Eat it up, I said! Every last bit!

I have many skills which I can teach you, my boy.

...That’s enough work for now I think!

You have to take every chance you get!

Gimme gimme gimme!

True love.

Great Advertising!

The main discovery of the internet: cats can fly!

It’s time for me to go back to our home planet. Take care of the humans!

Evening exercises.

This is what I do when someone’s staring at me and my girl!


Surprise attack!

Levitation is easy, humans! Just focus your mind and body.

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