Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ab crunches are NOT necessary for six-pack abs (they are dangerous for your back too!)

With everyone from Shah Rukh Khan to Karan Singh Grover sporting perfect six-pack abs these days, the rage amongst youngsters to get a ripped and flat stomach has never been bigger. One of the most commonly known exercises to work your abs is abdominal crunches and a lot of people do it to in order to get the abs they desire. However, they may not be as healthy as you think and could damage your back.
According to Flight Lieutenant Akshay Chopra, fitness consultant and coach, ‘Abdominal crunches may be an issue if you have a slipped disc problem. Otherwise also, they are a waste of time.’
Certainly, you wouldn’t want to have six pack abs with a bad back. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have a great set of abs either. When asked about whether doing abdominal crunches was necessary for a set of great abs, Chopra said, ‘Not at all, they are not even required to work your abs. In fact, I have a sharp set of six packs and obliques being a sportsman and I don’t do any exercise for the abs. A heavy intense leg workout will stimulate your abs like no other.’
The Plank – The perfect alternative to abdominal crunches
A healthier alternative to abdominal crunches, the plank could be just the right answer for a set of great looking abs. According to Chopra, ‘The plank is a safer and better alternative, as it works your lower back and shoulders too.’

How often should you workout your abs?
While working out your abs is important, a lot depends on your diet. So, rather than working out too much, make sure you eat more sensibly.
According to Chopra, ‘You can workout your abs daily or just once a week, it is your wish. But working them daily with multiple sets in order to get a flat stomach is stupidity. For a normal person, I would advise not more than twice a week.’

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